How can I parse URL string using only lodash functions without any callbacks inside?


var rawUrl = “?a=b454&c=dhjjh&f=g6hksdfjlksd..”

My current solution is

var answer = _.reduce(_.split(_.replace(rawUrl,'?',''), '&'), function(result, ev) {
    (result[ev.split('=')[0]] || (result[ev.split('=')[0]] = [])).push(ev.split('=')[1]);
    return result;
}, {});

But still, one callback is present here.

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to avoid callback use _.partial, _.partialRight and other lodash methods to work with functions

    .replace('?', '') // a=b454&c=dhjjh&f=g6hksdfjlksd
    .split('&') // ["a=b454","c=dhjjh","f=g6hksdfjlksd"]
    .map(_.partial(_.split, _, '=', 2)) // [["a","b454"],["c","dhjjh"],["f","g6hksdfjlksd"]]
    .fromPairs() // {"a":"b454","c":"dhjjh","f":"g6hksdfjlksd"}

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