I want to deploy a Polymer web app.

Since Polymer seems to manage routing with <app-route>, can I just install the Polymer CLI on my server and run polymer serve? Or should I make a backend, and if so, how do I tie it to the Polymer frontend?

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No need to install polymer-cli on your server.

Just follow the steps on https://www.polymer-project.org/1.0/docs/tools/polymer-cli#build.

So you should use polymer build --entrypoint index.html to build your application for production. Afterwards in /build/ folder you get two folders: bundled and unbundled.

Quoted from polymer-project.org:

bundled. All fragments are bundled together to reduce the number of file requests. Optimal for sending to clients or serving from servers that are not HTTP/2 compatible.

unbundled. Fragments are unbundled. Optimal for HTTP/2-compatible servers and clients.

Just upload the contents of one of them to your server and your application will be served.


polymer-cli is great for generating apps hosted under the root path /, but not under any subroot like app/ or shop-app/, because is uses absolute paths in its build process. <app-route> seems to be the right way to go, but configuring it via polymer-cli is not yet supported. The idea is to use a separate server for every app running under the root path. See related Stackoverflow Post Serving Polymer App to a /path not at root and Polymer Blog Post Encapsulated Routing with Elements: An overview to doing distributed routing in an application, as well as an introduction to <app-route> and <app-location>

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