I know, sounds like all the other "unresolved external symbol" issues, but as far as i saw until now all the issues, that I looked through, are about self defined functions, i seam to have a problem with a WINAPI Function...

I'm trying to get the API from Yosts PRIVR running. currently I'm facing the problem that on compilation i get the following error:

LNK2019 unresolved external symbol
referenced in function "void __cdecl connectedBthAddrs(class std::vector<unsigned __int64,class std::allocator<unsigned __int64> > *)"

Do I understand it right that what is missing is the definition of a_BluethoothFindDeviceClose function? That should be a winSDK function right? So how do i fix this?

While we are at it can someone please tell me, in a comment maybe, what the @4 does imply? I'm pretty sure it is not a line number.



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