I know I can toggle (set and clear) bookmarks in Android Studio (I have 2.2.2) using F11. But is there any similarly simple way to just go to the next bookmark? The only way I've found to go to the next bookmark is buried in the navigation menu - Navigate > Bookmarks > Next Bookmark. Is there some way to assign a function key to that?

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There is no default shortcut to go to next bookmark. Though you can set one in Preferences.

To do that go to Preferences > Keymap then under Main menu > Navigate > Bookmarks you can set the desired keyboard shortcut for various action. (You can also search for bookmark keyword in the search bar of Preferences Window to navigate directly.)

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    For Windows 3.x, Keymap is under Settings (File/Settings/Keymap). Double click the Next Bookmark/Previous Bookmark to add a new shortcut.
    – Louis
    Nov 28, 2018 at 5:02

Using Go to next bookmark for the projects with lots of bookmarks maybe not useful so much.

My suggestion is using Shift+F11 to see the full list of bookmarks in summery and go directly to the one you need.

Also in addition to F11, using Ctrl+F11 can be a good choice to set a Mnemonic single address code for each bookmark and find them directly with Ctrl + NUMBER.

In mac systems, these 3 keys replace with F3 - Alt+F3 - Cmd+F3


On Mac and Android Studio 4 You can do the following

Setting A Book Mark

Right click on the line counter pane and set bookmark

enter image description here

Clear The Bookmark

Right click on the line counter pane and clear the bookmark

enter image description here

Navigate To Bookmarks

Go to Navigate -> Bookmarks -> Show Bookmarks

enter image description here

Navigate To Bookmarks (Another Way)

On the right side you will see a black horizontal line marker for the bookmark you can click on that to jump to the bookmark

enter image description here


You can add two new buttons on toolbar that are previous and next bookmark actions in this way: perform click with rigth mouse button on toolbar and select "customize menus and toolbars". Select "main toolbar" and click on an position that you want to add new buttons. Click on "Add After" button and select command "next and previous bookmark" from navigate menu. Enjoy.


step 1: Shift + F11
step 2: Alt + Up/Down

That's it.


For Mac User Press:command + f3

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