I followed this tutorial in Hugo and its working fine. Basically I have the following content:

- content
  `- post
     `- coding
        `- html
           `- my-post.md

and my config file set to

  post = "/:year/:month/:title/"

which gives me the URL


What I want is for readers to see a list of post based on a date or year. For example if they visit http://example.com/2016/12/ they will see a list of post published in December. If they visit http://example.com/2016/ they will see a list of post published in 2016.

Is there any way to do that in Hugo?


The easiest way to do this was found on the Hugo forums, and the answer is to use a Taxonomy for every year. Each post needs to be placed in to that year's taxonomy and a custom listing template is used to generate the pages. This will allow Hugo to create an index page for each "year" (taxonomy) where the entries are the "month." It's a creative solution, although more cumbersome than one would like.


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