I am using oauth (Stack Overflow) in an electron desktop app and there is a webview which loads the oauth url. I have a signout button in my app which will signout the user from Stack Overflow website and also from the app. How can I do this ?

How to remove all session cookies from the webview in electron app ?


You can remove cookies using Electron's cookies.remove() function (https://electron.atom.io/docs/api/cookies/#cookiesremoveurl-name-callback)

The trick is to convert cookie.domain into url.

import { session } from 'electron';

export default function deleteAllCookies() {
  session.defaultSession.cookies.get({}, (error, cookies) => {
    cookies.forEach((cookie) => {
      let url = '';
      // get prefix, like https://www.
      url += cookie.secure ? 'https://' : 'http://';
      url += cookie.domain.charAt(0) === '.' ? 'www' : '';
      // append domain and path
      url += cookie.domain;
      url += cookie.path;

      session.defaultSession.cookies.remove(url, cookie.name, (error) => {
        if (error) console.log(`error removing cookie ${cookie.name}`, error);

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