I'm using the web speech API but once a bit of time passes by (a minute or 2) without any vocal input, it stops listening entirely. I know this because I have it log its parsed text to the console, however, it stops doing this when I do not talk for a minute or two.

Is there any way to fix this?

  • The top answer serves to fix this specific question, but in the latest version of Chrome the user will have to allow recording every time. – Johnnie Regalado Dec 15 '18 at 1:55

You can listen to the end event and then restart the recognition on the SpeechRecognition object.

You should use a boolean flag for deciding (in the onend event handler), when to restart the recognition (and when not to restart).

You could use the other recognition-related events for this.

E.g. Chrome triggers the following event handlers when recognition is started:

1. onstart
2. onaudiostart

   (only if sound / speech is detected)
3. onsoundstart
4. onspeechstart

If no sound speech is detected, only the first 2 will be triggered, and then, after some timeout, the corresponding end events (in reverse order).

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