What do the following characters means in a Makefile?

$@ , $? , $* , $< , $^

I have seen some explanations but i did not fully get how to exactly use it.

Using patterns and special variables
When wildcard % appears in the dependency list, it is replaced with 
the same string that was used to perform substitution in the target.

Inside actions we can use:  
    $@ to represent the full target name of the current target  
    $? returns the dependencies that are newer than the current target  
    $* returns the text that corresponds to % in the target     
    $< returns the name of the first dependency 
    $^ returns the names of all the dependencies with space as the delimiter

For further explanation, please see This github link

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    Unforturnatly, the link is not valid anymore
    – Lucas
    Jun 17 '19 at 10:10

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