I want to scrollTo a particular item in listview in ionic 2. I have a listview which is bound to array.

export class TestPage {
    @ViewChild(Content) content: Content;
    public items: Array<Object> = [];

    ionViewWillEnter() {
        this.customService.getArray(this.params.index).then((items) => {
            this.items = items;
                //scroll to item
                // this.content.scrollTo()

Here is the view:

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="items" approxItemHeight="120px" approxItemWidth="100%" 
    class="items-listview list list-md">
  <button class="items-listview-item item item-md" *virtualItem="let item">
    <div class="items-listview-text">
        {{ item.text }}<span>{{item.index}}</span>

I see that scrollTo only support position i.e top and left but not the element itself. How can i scrollTo listview item (e. item no 150) itself ? How can i get the position of item no 150 and pass it to scrollTo?

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    I don't know if you solved this. At the moment when I'm looking at the docs there is no "scrollToItem", though you can calculate the position using your approxItemHeight and the index of the item and use ionContent.scrollTo(0, approxItemHeight*index); If you have headers or footers don't forget to calculate their height as well, and add that to your calculation – Patrick Feb 23 '17 at 8:19

You can assign an id to each item (by doing something like [id]="'item' + item.index" and then in your code just use that id to get the offsetTop:

scrollTo(elementId:string) {
    let yOffset = document.getElementById(elementId).offsetTop;
    this.content.scrollTo(0, yOffset, 4000)
  • but i need to scroll as soon as ionViewWillEnter fires. I am not currently in view – DotNet Dreamer Dec 27 '16 at 5:10
  • You can use ionViewDidLoad to make sure the content is already loaded, and get the offsetTop like it's being done in the code above. So instead of creating a new method, just put that code inside the ionViewDidLoad lifecycle event. – sebaferreras Dec 27 '16 at 5:14
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    that sounds good. will try this – DotNet Dreamer Dec 27 '16 at 5:16
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    as you can see in my view i am using [virtualScroll] in which all items aren't visible. So this doesnt work if an item can't be seen – DotNet Dreamer Dec 27 '16 at 11:10
  • this answer worked perfectly for ion-list since all items in list was loaded – fifth Jul 6 '17 at 2:19

The current accepted answer only scrolled relative to the parent element, so here is what I came up with to scroll to the selected element (without traversing the DOM).

  scrollTo(element:string) {
    let elem = document.getElementById(element);
    var box = elem.getBoundingClientRect();

    var body = document.body;
    var docEl = document.documentElement;

    var scrollTop = window.pageYOffset || docEl.scrollTop || body.scrollTop;
    var clientTop = docEl.clientTop || body.clientTop || 0;
    var top  = box.top +  scrollTop - clientTop;
    var cDim = this.content.getContentDimensions();

    var scrollOffset = Math.round(top) + cDim.scrollTop - cDim.contentTop;

    this.content.scrollTo(0, scrollOffset, 500);
  • thanks, it's working, only there was some minor position calculation error if the page got a header, in my case. – fifth Jul 6 '17 at 2:18
  • Thanks. It's working perfectly! – Roy S. Jun 1 '18 at 11:56

I am posting the solution i come up with. First you need to give unique id to each listview item and then select the ListView

@ViewChild(VirtualScroll) listView: VirtualScroll;

After that i created a function (following) ScrollTo which has a timeout of resizing the listview after scrolling too (as i was changing buffer ratio dynamically).

private scrollTo(index: number) {
    let key = '#customIds_' + index;

    let hElement: HTMLElement = this.content._elementRef.nativeElement;
    let element = hElement.querySelector(key);

    //wait till scroll animation completes
    setTimeout(() => {
        //resize it! otherwise will not update the bufferRatio

Last i just called this function after a second delay as i waited till listview loads:

//must be delay otherwise content scroll doesn't go to element properly..magic!
setTimeout(() => {
}, 1000);

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