I'm a gamer who decided he wanted to make some basic games others could play. I'm very new to coding and have the most basic understanding of it. My cousin and I are trying to make a text based game in Python 3.6.0. We have searched the internet for answers to our problem, but cannot find anything. Code is below:

def start ():
    print ''' Welcome to the game! Created by Meme Buddha
type 'start' to begin'''
    prompt_sta ()

def prompt_sta ():
    prompt_0 = input ('Type a Command, ')
        if prompt_0 == 'Start':
            outside_house ()
        elif prompt_0 == 'Begin':
            print 'You need to drink bleach and look at spicy memes!'
            prompt_sta ()
            print 'Type Start, throw it on him not me,ugh,lets try something else!'
            prompt_sta ()
    except ValueError:
        print 'Type Start, throw it on him not me,ugh,lets try something else!'
        prompt_sta ()

start ()

When trying to run the module to test it, we get an error which says:

"Missing parentheses in call to 'print'"

Since we have such a basic knowledge of coding, and couldn't find answers on google, we were hoping that someone could help fix this most likely, simple error.

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This is very basic problem but because you seem completely new to everything...

The print "statement" in Python 3.x is a function that uses parenthesis so:

print "Hello world"  # python 2.x

Is now

print("Hello world")   # python 3.x
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  • That's technically wrong. There's no print statement in Python 3.x, it's a function call. – Neme Jun 23 '17 at 13:11

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