I'm trying to convert a "greater than" where statement to CI's Active Record syntax. When I use this snippet

    $this->db->join('product_stocks', "product_stocks.size_id_fk = product_attributes.id", "left");
    $this->db->where('product_stocks.stock_level', '> 1');      
    $result = $this->db->get('product_attributes')->result_array();

Then print $this->db->last_query(); shows WHEREproduct_stocks.stock_level= '> 1' which is of course not correct. Can this be done?


I think this should do the trick:

$this->db->where('product_stocks.stock_level >', '1');  //moved the >


$this->db->where('product_stocks.stock_level >', '1');
$this->db->where(array('product_stocks.stock_level >'=>'1'));
should do it. Note the space between the field name and the operator; otherwise you will end up getting Error 1064.

  • Only the last one worked, for me... – Nowdeen Apr 18 at 21:58

You Can also Pass a String parameter to where() function like this,

$this->db->where('product_stocks.stock_level > 1');
  • This condition working for me. Thanks – Danish Ali Nov 7 '18 at 12:55

I would like to have in CI the following:

 $sQuery = "SELECT auftrag, saal, DATE_FORMAT(konzertdatum,'%e, %M, %Y') AS konzertdatum2 FROM auftrag 
    JOIN saal on auftrag.saal_id = saal.id 
    WHERE konzertdatum < NOW() + INTERVAL 240 DAY AND auftrag like '%$sWord%' order by konzertdatum asc LIMIT 4";
 $aOrder = $this->db->query($sQuery);
 $aOrder = $aOrder->result();

It works fine without CI, but when I use

      $this->db->select("auftrag, saal, DATE_FORMAT(konzertdatum,'%e, %M, %Y') AS konzertdatum2", false );
    $this->db->join('saal', 'auftrag.saal_id = saal.id');
    $this->db->like('auftrag', $sWord);
    $this->db->where('konzertdatum <', 'NOW() + Interval 240 day');


    $oQuery = $this->db->get();

    $aOrder = $oQuery->result();

it returns all results not caring about the where (although the sql seems fine):

SELECT auftrag, saal, DATE_FORMAT(konzertdatum, '%e, %M, %Y') AS konzertdatum2 FROM (`auftrag`) JOIN `saal` ON `auftrag`.`saal_id` = `saal`.`id` WHERE `konzertdatum` < 'NOW() + Interval 240 day' AND `auftrag` LIKE '%spangenberg%' ORDER BY `konzertdatum` LIMIT 4 

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