I hava pandas dataframe where I have to group by some columns. Most groups in the group by only have one row, but a few have more than one row. For each of these, I only want to keep the row with the earliest date. I've tried both the agg and filter functions, but they don't seem to do what I need.

def first(df):
        if len(df) > 1:
            return df.ix[df['date'].idxmin()]
            return df

df.groupby(['id', 'period', 'type').agg(first)

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Sort by date and then just grab the first row.

df.sort_values('date').groupby(['id', 'period', 'type']).first()

Could also use nsmallest():

df.groupby(['id', 'period', 'type']).apply(lambda g: g.nsmallest(1, "date"))

filter df with the index of the minimum date.
idxmin gets you that index. Then pass it to loc.

df.loc[df.groupby(['id', 'period', 'type']).date.idxmin()]

consider df

df = pd.DataFrame([
        ['a', 'q', 'y', '2011-03-31'],
        ['a', 'q', 'y', '2011-05-31'],
        ['a', 'q', 'y', '2011-07-31'],
        ['b', 'q', 'x', '2011-12-31'],
        ['b', 'q', 'x', '2011-01-31'],
        ['b', 'q', 'x', '2011-08-31'],
    ], columns=['id', 'period', 'type', 'date'])
df.date = pd.to_datetime(df.date)


  id period type       date
0  a      q    y 2011-03-31
1  a      q    y 2011-05-31
2  a      q    y 2011-07-31
3  b      q    x 2011-12-31
4  b      q    x 2011-01-31
5  b      q    x 2011-08-31


df.loc[df.groupby(['id', 'period', 'type']).date.idxmin()]

  id period type       date
0  a      q    y 2011-03-31
4  b      q    x 2011-01-31

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