I'm new to excel , example of data that i need extract the last number until it found comma ","


Result should be 1.0

i tried =RIGHT(C1,FIND(",",C1)+1) but didn't solve

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try this..

  • Hello, rather than just providing the code, please break down why this works to the user. That way, other users that might have the same or similar question can follow the logic of your answer.
    – 2ps
    Dec 28, 2016 at 3:31

I tried this Formula and it worked.


This is basically replacing all "," with 20 commas, taking the last 20 characters and replacing the left commas with blanks.

This will output a string. If you want a number just add a +0 at the end of the formula


You can use this:


It just finds the ", and displays the rest of the string after its location.

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