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I am trying to make HTML headings active/inactive based on active variable. But to set the active flag on clicking the heading, I am using the $index variable of ng-repeat directive:

<div ng-init="active = 1">
  <h4 ng-repeat="(key, val) in vm.headings" ng-click="active = $index" ng-class="{'active': active === $index}">

Heading object:

vm.headings = {

On first load, one of the headings appear 'active` as set. But on subsequent clicks, it does not give the desired results. All the headings become active on clicking them. Here is the fiddle.

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Try this:

<h4 ng-repeat="(key, val) in vm.headings" ng-click="selectH($index)" ng-class="{'active': active === $index}">

In controller:

$scope.selectH= function(index) {
   $scope.active = index; 

Hope this will work.

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