I'm using Codenameone to build iOS app for Enterprise(In House) distribution. When I choose "Send IOS app store build" command, I get Build Error from Codenameone server:

None of the valid provisioning profiles allowed the specified entitlements

The full log is here.

I've defined both debug and production certificates and created .p12 files and provisioning profiles for them. I can't figure out what cause this problem, because when I choose "Send IOS debug build" everything works fine.


Finally I've found solution in this discussion.

If you are distributing your iOS app with Enterprise certificate, you need to use this parameter in your build hints:


After I add this the build was successful. More about build hints: https://www.codenameone.com/manual/advanced-topics.html

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    Well done. FYI in the new version of the Codename One Settings (next plugin update) we have checkboxes in the ios signing section to annotate the mode. – Shai Almog Dec 29 '16 at 5:42

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