I have a page with a fixed header, and I am trying to get the li elements within the nav to change styling based on the user's window based on current scroll point.

I'm under the impression that the best way to do this would be if I worked out what element was currently at the top of the viewport. If I've got 4+ divs all with the class page-section, how do I find the id of the one currently at the top of the page?


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Just rediscovered this question of mine.

I was looking for the waypoints js library.


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You can try with getBoundingClientRect method. It will give you the element position respect to the viewport. Look at the logic of the next code, it will give you a clue to achieve your work (The important part is the first code of checkVisibleSection function):


<ul id="navigation">
  <li data-section="1"><a class="active" href="#">Section 1</a></li>
  <li data-section="2"><a href="#">Section 2</a></li>
  <li data-section="3"><a href="#">Section 3</a></li>
  <li data-section="4"><a href="#">Section 4</a></li>
  <li data-section="5"><a href="#">Section 5</a></li>

<section id="section1" class="section" data-section="1">
  <header>Section 1</header>

<section id="section2" class="section" data-section="2">
  <header>Section 2</header>

<section id="section3" class="section" data-section="3">
  <header>Section 3</header>

<section id="section4" class="section" data-section="4">
  <header>Section 4</header>

<section id="section5" class="section" data-section="5">
  <header>Section 5</header>

JavaScript Code

var nav         = document.getElementById("navigation"),
    sections    = document.querySelectorAll(".section"),
    delay       = null;

//---Scroll logic
document.addEventListener("scroll", function(){

    if(!isNaN(delay)){ clearTimeout(delay); }

    delay = setTimeout(checkVisibleSection, 100);


//---Check the visible section
function checkVisibleSection(){

    var minor   = window.innerHeight,
        section = null;

    //---Select the section closest to the top
    [].forEach.call(sections, function(item){

        var offset  = item.getBoundingClientRect();

        if(Math.abs(offset.top) < minor){

            minor   = Math.abs(offset.top);

            section = item;



    //---If the section exists

        var index   = section.dataset.section,
            link    = nav.querySelector("li[data-section='" + index + "'] a");

        //---If the link is not already active

            //---Remove the active class

            //---Add the active class




//---Click on buttons
nav.addEventListener("click", function(evt){


    var link = evt.target;

    if(link.nodeName.toLowerCase() === "a"){

        var section = link.parentNode.dataset.section;

        //---Remove the class of the active link

        //---Active the link

        //---Scroll to the section
        document.getElementById("section" + section).scrollIntoView();

        document.body.scrollTop -= 30;



Here you have a JSFiddle with a working example.

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