I have this formula in my Sheet 1 returning a value from Data sheet

="** "&(VLOOKUP(D9,Data!A2:B121,2,FALSE)&" **")

In the Data sheet I have the number 6,524.60

But in my current sheet when VLOOKUP the number displays like

** 6805.3 **

I need to display it as

** 6,805.30 **

Is there any way of doing that? My macro sheet already has the SpellNumber VBA on it...


You can use Text function for that as below in your function.

="** "&(TEXT(VLOOKUP(A1;A1:B1;2;FALSE);"#,#.00")&" **")
  • Thank you so much for solving this for me so quickly! @ali – AFab Dec 28 '16 at 13:03

What you are looking for TEXT() and I would recommand to use CONCATENATE:

=CONCATENATE("** ",TEXT(VLOOKUP(D9,Data!A2:B121,2,FALSE),"$#,##0.00")," **")

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