I'm trying to align the items in UIStackview horizontally to the left.

Is there anyway to do this programmatically? I tried to do this via storyboard but was not successful. For some reason, the items in the UIStackView centers itself.

  • I hope this answer to useful to you. You need apply the same approach but horizontally instead of vertically.
    – Ahmad F
    Dec 28, 2016 at 19:49

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If you use StackView setting axis property to "Horizontal", I think you can't align it to the left.

But there is a way to make it left visually.

  1. set StackView leading constraint with "equal" relationship
  2. set StackView trailing constraint with "greater than or equal"

like this

stackView.leadingAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.leadingAnchor).isActive = true
stackView.trailingAnchor.constraint(greaterThanOrEqualTo: view.trailingAnchor).isActive = true
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    This worked for me to get items to align left with desired spacing between items.
    – Augie
    May 13, 2018 at 20:50
  • 2
    Great solution! If you're working with storyboard and constraints, you will have some issues. Just put a placeholder that you remove at runtime to hide this issue.
    – Tom
    Jul 26, 2018 at 16:13
  • Perhaps I am missing something but if we want to align elements to the left it should be lessThanOrEqual
    – OhadM
    Oct 3, 2021 at 13:13

Try Adding One Space View in Your Stack View , Like this

 // To Make Our Buttons aligned to left We have added one spacer view
    UIButton *spacerButton = [[UIButton alloc] init];
    [spacerButton setContentHuggingPriority:UILayoutPriorityFittingSizeLevel forAxis:UILayoutConstraintAxisHorizontal];
    [spacerButton setContentCompressionResistancePriority:UILayoutPriorityFittingSizeLevel forAxis:UILayoutConstraintAxisHorizontal];
    [self.buttonsStackView addArrangedSubview:spacerButton];

And Make

self.buttonsStackView.distribution = UIStackViewDistributionFill;
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    I found just adding an empty UIView works fine Dec 22, 2020 at 18:51

Swift 4.2 + iOS 12.1 tested:

    let stackView: UIStackView = UIStackView(frame: .zero)
    stackView.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false
    stackView.axis = .vertical
    stackView.alignment = .leading // <- aligns each of your items to the left. 

    // further setup + setup constraints
    // ...
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    stackView.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false this one helped to have clean log without uisv-spacing warnings about broken constraints May 7, 2019 at 13:47
  • Is leading alignment is not available when setting in storyboard?
    – Hemang
    Dec 4, 2019 at 19:44
  • 1
    @Hemang I can answer your question. I'm only building my views in code. But you could do the following. Create your stack view via storyboard and link it to your code and configure the stack view in code rather in the storyboard.
    – Baran Emre
    Dec 5, 2019 at 13:59
  • 1
    Thanks @BaranEmre for the tip.
    – Hemang
    Dec 6, 2019 at 7:50
  • 3
    .leading works only with .vertical, but the question is about horizontal
    – beryllium
    Oct 19, 2020 at 16:04

Thanks to @Ankit Maurya, solution with example for swift

 let stackView = UIStackView()
 stackView.axis = .horizontal
 stackView.distribution = .fill
 let spacer = UIView()
 spacer.isUserInteractionEnabled = false
 spacer.setContentHuggingPriority(.fittingSizeLevel, for: .horizontal)
 spacer.setContentCompressionResistancePriority(.fittingSizeLevel, for: .horizontal)

 // stackView.addArrangedSubview.... any u need


enter image description here


Use the UIStackView.alignment property.

Reference: https://developer.apple.com/reference/uikit/uistackview/1616243-alignment

  • That's exactly what I was looking for. As simple as stack.alignment = .leading
    – anakkin
    Apr 23, 2022 at 21:49

Thanks for the advice guys. I tried playing with the options on UIStackView.alignment but it never really worked as desired. In the end I messed with the width of the UIStackView to achieve the desired results.

if(prdDTO.getShellIcn() == "Y")
        let icon = UIImageView()
        icon.contentMode = UIViewContentMode.scaleAspectFit
        icon.image = #imageLiteral(resourceName: "Shellfish")
        stackviewWidth += 25

    if(prdDTO.getVegeIcn() == "Y")
        let icon = UIImageView()
        icon.contentMode = UIViewContentMode.scaleAspectFit
        icon.image = #imageLiteral(resourceName: "Vege")
        stackviewWidth += 25

    if(prdDTO.getSpicyIcn() == "Y")
        let icon = UIImageView()
        icon.contentMode = UIViewContentMode.scaleAspectFit
        icon.image = #imageLiteral(resourceName: "Spicy")
        stackviewWidth += 25

    prdIngredients.widthAnchor.constraint(equalToConstant: CGFloat(stackviewWidth))

Remove the trailing constrant (even though XCode complains!!!) and your problem will be solved. This will cause the the view to expand as you add items to it.

enter image description here



  1. Click Attributes Inspector
  2. Select Trailing from the Drop Down menu when Alignment is selected.


  1. Change the UIStackView.alignment property when initializing.

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