I am trying to overwrite the form.php file for the 'concrete' authentification type. I can make it work if I place the form.php file in the /application/authentication/concrete directory, but not from within my theme package directory.

<?php foreach ($activeAuths as $auth): ?>
    <div data-handle="<?= $auth->getAuthenticationTypeHandle(); ?>" class="authentication-type authentication-type-<?= $auth->getAuthenticationTypeHandle(); ?>">
        <?php $auth->renderForm($authTypeElement ?: 'form', $authTypeParams ?: array()); ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

If I try to load another form (by replacing the second parameter in the renderForm method) nothing happens.

Any ideas how to make c5 aware of the override?

  • what is the exact path inside the package? – 1387233 Dec 29 '16 at 11:57
  • What is $activeAuth? – 1387233 Dec 29 '16 at 12:07
  • Path is the same as in the /application directory: /packages/package_handle/authentication/concrete – Jakob Fuchs Dec 30 '16 at 0:25
  • If you mean $activeAuths, that's the array containing all authentication types that are used on the site – Jakob Fuchs Dec 30 '16 at 0:27

You can't. I have developed a package that needed to do that and it can't be overridden from a package. You have to do it from the application directory.

My package has an "install" option that copies the modified form from the package's directory to the application one.

  • Unfortunately this seems to be the correct answer. – Jakob Fuchs Jan 2 '17 at 0:14
  • Yes I know it sucks. If it's ok to say, why do you need to override the form? – Nour Akalay Jan 3 '17 at 1:09
  • The styling needed to be highly customized and I prefer having a clean view and not having to reset all the BS styles. Also had to replace the labels with icons which is hard to pull off without JS – Jakob Fuchs Jan 3 '17 at 2:33
  • Since we are already chatting here, do you have any idea why, if I put a login.php file in my theme directory it doesn't use my theme's view.php file as any single page should and instead I have to include my header and footer manually? – Jakob Fuchs Jan 3 '17 at 2:43
  • For system single pages you have to "declare" their use of your theme as explained here: documentation.concrete5.org/developers/designing-for-concrete5/… – Nour Akalay Jan 4 '17 at 6:38

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