I'm implementing an SNMP agent in python and am using the MIB HOST-RESOURCES-MIB. One of the fields that I need to set is hrSWRunID. This OID is defined to be of type ProductID and the definition for ProductID states

ProductID ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION STATUS current DESCRIPTION "This textual convention is intended to identify the

    manufacturer, model, and version of a specific
    hardware or software product.  It is suggested that
    these OBJECT IDENTIFIERs are allocated such that all
    products from a particular manufacturer are registered
    under a subtree distinct to that manufacturer.  In
    addition, all versions of a product should be
    registered under a subtree distinct to that product.
    With this strategy, a management station may uniquely
    determine the manufacturer and/or model of a product
    whose productID is unknown to the management station.
    Objects of this type may be useful for inventory
    purposes or for automatically detecting
    incompatibilities or version mismatches between
    various hardware and software components on a system.

    For example, the product ID for the ACME 4860 66MHz
    clock doubled processor might be:

    A software product might be registered as:

-- unknownProduct will be used for any unknown ProductID -- unknownProduct OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { 0 0 }

From this I assumed that a value of com.mycompany.mydepartment.myapp.appversion would suffice but when I run the code it fails with an error ProductID: invalid literal for int() with base 0: 'com'\n"]

With a bit of experimentation I finally managed to run my code with a ProductID set to a set of numbers such as {1, 2, 3}.Although my code now works I'm no clearer on what a correct value should be.

Can anyone shed any light on what ProductID is or should be?


The ProductID would be the OBJECT IDENTIFIER of a MIB object defined under your enterprise MIB. A good start would be to make it the same as the sysObjectID of your system group.

  • OK. That would make sense. In may case I'm writing code for a python application that I want to monitor using OpenNMS and as such I don't have an enterprise MIB. – Richard B Dec 29 '16 at 17:39
  • 1
    In that case use unknownProduct, or use any other OID. The management app wants to resolve the name, and may enable certain functionality for known ProductIDs. – Gambit Support Dec 29 '16 at 18:18

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