Is there a way that you can assert whether or not a variable is of a certain type?

Such as:

  • A variable is of the type it was declared as, look back a few lines in your source code. If you see "object", only then start considering the offered answers. Nov 9, 2010 at 20:38

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Are you really trying to assert that a variable is of a particular type, or that the value of a variable is of a particular type?

The first shouldn't be part of a unit test - it's part of the declared code. It's like trying to unit test that you can't call a method with the wrong argument types.

The second can easily be accomplished with

Assert.IsTrue(value is bool);

(Assuming value is a variable of type object or an interface.)

Note that that will test for compatibility rather than the exact type. If you want to test that a value is an exact type, not a subtype, you might use something like:

Assert.AreEqual(typeof(ArgumentException), ex.GetType());

(There may be options available for generic methods in whatever unit test framework you use, of course.)

  • I think you mean ex.GetType().
    – SLaks
    Nov 9, 2010 at 23:51
if(myValue is Boolean)

Assert.IsTrue(variable is bool, "variable was not a Boolean Value");

You don't specify which testing framework you use. So I would like to mention that the Gallio/MbUnit testing framework provides a convenient assertion for that very purpose:


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