Here's the code:

Observable.combineLatest(observable1, observable2,observable3, observable4,observable5,new Function5<>())

When one or sevral observables return code = 404,I throw exception

 return Observable.error(
                    new RxApiException(tHttpResult.getCode(), tHttpResult.getMessage()));

And I will get

FATAL EXCEPTION : RxCachedThreadScheduler-3

How to solve this problem?


You need to define how you handle errors. If no onError handler is set up for the consumer of the Observable it gets forwarded to the Uncaught Exception Handler for the executing thread instead.

On android the exception handler causes a fatal exception when triggered, closing the application.

Either define a way that error should be handled or use RxJavaPlugins.registerErrorHandler(...) to define how unhandled exceptions should be processed for your entire application.

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