I'm using visual studio 2016 git integration. If I right-click on a source file I can see the history of just that file. similarly if it's a sub-folder inside a project, I can see the history of the folder.

However, if I select a project or the solution in solution explorer, it just shows me the history of the .csproj or .sln file.

How do I see the history of the whole project or solution (i.e. the folder that corresponds to the project itself or the solution folder containing the projects)?

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You can change the Solution Explorer to Folders View

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Then you can right-click to find the View History menu.

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Have you tried to go to the Team Explorer, and choose one of the hubs Changes, or Branches, or Sync ? You will find a drop down menu item named Actions, and within that you will find View History.
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or you can go to the different branches in the Branches Hub, right click one of the branches, and choose View History

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This will show you the whole history for your repo for a given branch.
If you have multiple folders or solutions within a repo, there is currently no such feature within VS, so you then need to revert to the command line, and use git log, or the gitk for a kind of graphic view of the same, a previous answer for that is here: View git history for folder

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    There actually is a way to view per-project folder history. See sergiopereira's answer. Apr 10, 2019 at 9:06
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    Couldn't they make it a little bit easier to find? :@
    – Marc.2377
    Oct 7, 2019 at 19:47

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