SOLVED, solution below.

I have a Datagrid in my WPF application. There are some columns with hyperlinks. Here's the desired functionality:

  • The link text in the grid can be anything: it can also contain invalid uri.
  • When link is clicked, a browser window is opened and user is directed to uri. In case of invalid uri, it just opens a blank window.

Problem: If the link type in Model class is Uri, it can't be constructed with any string because invalid Uri throws an exception. If the link is string, a DataGridTextColumn must be used, and it doesn't have proper formatting and event handlers.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

EDIT: Managed to get it to work. The data in my Model is a string, I use DataGridHyperlinkColumn, and in the click handler I do


I think I already tried that before, but obviously not...

  • You have two choices, leave it as a URI (Preferred) or change it to a string. Either way all applications should have user input validation. Our good friend Magnus has an article here: blog.magnusmontin.net/2013/08/26/data-validation-in-wpf – John Peters Dec 30 '16 at 16:13
  • The data actually is not modified through the datagrid, but it comes from a database. Of course, I could add input validation. However, I want to allow any string to be stored to the database. The link just won't lead anywhere if it's formatted incorrectly, but it should be displayed in the ui. Anyway, I believe that browsers even tolerate invalid urls to some extent. – eko Dec 31 '16 at 9:25

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