I used to use the Oomph Eclipse installer like normal until I changed my user profile in the registry (to remove the annoying spaces). I have not had a single problem since then except with the eclipse installer. It keeps trying to look for the registry directory in the old user folder, which no longer exists. I know where my new registry is located, but I don't know how to tell the installer where to go.

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So to be clear: I need to know how to tell the installer where to look for the registry directory.

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I've found an answer to my own question: Simply deleting the .eclipse folder in the new user's directory will fix it and it will now open correctly.

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    I found rm -rf ~/.eclipse ~/.p2 and exiting/restarting the installer helped with a subsequent issue also related to having a new username. Feb 12, 2019 at 2:42

In my situation the users folder no longer existed so I had to add the old user name then continue the installation process. When asked to verify the installation location I changed it to my new users location.


I had a similar issue when my new install decided to name my user folder bdavi instead of bdavis. I just used mklink to create a direction junction (similar to a symbolic link) from the old username to the new one.

In an administrative command prompt... cd c:\users mklink /j bdavis bdavi


This issue happened when I changed home directory of user at Mac. In my case, I manually deleted .eclipse and .p2 folders of new home directory. I tested at macOS Mojave.


delete .eclipse and .p2 file in new user folder then install eclipse.

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