I've seen simple ways to read contents from a file input in JavaScript using HTML5 File API.

This is my view method, inside a small fable-arch app:

let view model =
    div [
        attribute "class" "files-form"
    ] [
        form [
            attribute "enctype" "multipart/form-data"
            attribute "action" "/feed"
            attribute "method" "post"
        ] [
            label [ attribute "for" "x_train" ] [ text "Training Features" ]
            input [
                attribute "id" "x_train"
                attribute "type" "file"
                onInput (fun e -> SetTrainingFeaturesFile (unbox e?target?value)) 
        model |> sprintf "%A" |> text
  • Is there a simple way to capture the file content directly from F#?
  • What is the minimum amount of interop fable code necessary to accomplish this?

I couldn't find a way to not write plain JavaScript mainly because I couldn't import/instantiate FileReader from Fable. If someone can do it, then the solution can probably improve.

Reading the file is asynchronous. This means that the view should generate a delayed model update. Since that can only be done in the model update function, I had to forward a JavaScript File handle inside.

The plain JavaScript is just an export hack

// file interops.js, can I get rid of this?
export var getReader = function() { return new FileReader(); }

In the view

// view code
input [
    attribute "id" "x_train"
    attribute "type" "file"
    onInput (fun e -> FromFile (SetField, e?target?files?(0)))

So the message is actually a "Delayed Message with File Content". Here's the action and update code:

type Action =
    | SetField of string
    | FromFile of (string -> Action) * obj

let update model action =
    match action with
    | SetField content ->
        { model with Field = content}, []
    | FromFile (setAction, file) ->
        let delayedAction h =
            let getReader = importMember "../src/interops.js"
            let reader = getReader()
            reader?onload <- (fun () ->  h <| setAction !!reader?result)
            reader?readAsText file |> ignore
        model, delayedAction |> toActionList

The FromFile is a complex action because I want to use it to set more than one field. If you only need one, you can make it just an of obj.

  • Thanks @MangelMaxime for all the suggestions in the Fable channel. :-) – villasv Jan 3 '17 at 15:26

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