(Slightly simplified scenario to highlight the specific issue).

I'm trying to use Castle Windsor to resolve a component, which has a constructor with a single parameter which is an array of a service interface:

public class TestClass<T>
    public TestClass(IService<T>[] services)

The Windsor container is configured to use the ArrayResolver:

container.Kernel.Resolver.AddSubResolver(new ArrayResolver(container.Kernel));

This all works fine, and one or more services are injected for various instances of T.

However, for some T, there are no implementations of IService<T>. The goal would be for the constructor to be called with a zero-length array.

The issue is, if there are no concrete implementations of IService for a given T, how do I register the definition of IService with no implementation, so the container is aware of the type?

I'm current using:


but since this is driven from the concrete classes, it's obviously not registering any 'unused' IService.

Fallback is to provide a stub implementation of IService for any T which doesn't have a 'real' implementation, but I'd prefer not to pollute the code with many such stubs. (Could also provide through an open generic with some reflection...).


Answering my own question, having been directed to it by a colleague...

Registering the ArrayResolver with a second parameter specifies allowing empty arrays - which is the case if the component in question is not registered:

container.Kernel.Resolver.AddSubResolver(new ArrayResolver(container.Kernel, true));

so the behaviour is exactly as desired.

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