I have a program that prints a string to a notepad file, the output being something random:


I want to however remove the first 3 characters from the pasted result, how can I do this?

myString = "#'f"
result = workings - myString

This does not work, bare in mind the first 3 characters are always going to be #'f

Any thoughts? thanks


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You can use:

result = Mid(workings, 4)
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You can use Right function for get the X characters of the right side of string. With Len function you can get the length of the string.

Right(myString,Len(myAtring) - 3)

With this, you get a new string whitout the three first characters, now you can assign to the same string:

myString = Right(myString,Len(myAtring) - 3)

Try this:

mystring = "#'f7ruhigbergbn"

result = Mid(mystring, 3, mystring.length)
  • This only removes 2 characters, as Mid starts counting on 1, not 0.
    – PaulMag
    Mar 7, 2022 at 13:43

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