I'm very newbie with EF and migration. I'm trying to make a rollback with the command, to run the Down method

update-database -TargetMigration MyLastMigration

Output result

Target database is already at version 201701031905415_MyLastMigration.

How can I execute the Down method of MyLastMigration?

Thanks in advance

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Your target migration should be the migration immediately previous to the one that you want to rollback:

update-database -SourceMigration MyLastMigration -TargetMigration MigrationPreviousToMyLastMigration

The SourceMigration parameter is optional in your case, as you have not applied any migration after MyLastMigration.

To check the name of the previous migration you can use Get-Migrations, that returns the list of migrations applied to your database.

Edit: as Ivan Stoev says in the comments, the SourceMigration parameter can only be included together with the parameter Script, so it does not make sense in this scenario. The right command would be like this:

update-database -TargetMigration MigrationPreviousToMyLastMigration
  • Not sure -SourceMigration is allowed (the help says Only valid with -Script.), but the rest is correct. +1
    – Ivan Stoev
    Jan 3, 2017 at 20:42
  • @IvanStoev You are right, if we are not generating a script the source migration can only be the actual current migration applied to the database. Thanks for the correction! I'll edit the answer.
    – Diana
    Jan 3, 2017 at 20:54

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