I am attempting to start developing my first ever React Native application. I've installed the react-native-cli and ran the command react-native ios-run. The build is successful, and the simulator seems to boot up fine. However, a second terminal appears with the following message:

You are currently running io.js v1.6.2.

React Native runs on Node 4.0 or newer. There are several ways to
upgrade Node.js depending on your preference.

nvm: nvm install node && nvm alias default node
Homebrew: brew unlink iojs; brew install node
Installer: download the Mac .pkg from https://nodejs.org/
About Node.js: https://nodejs.org Follow along at: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/2545 ~ Process terminated. Press to close the window

I have tried:

uninstalling and reinstalling node via Homebrew. node -v = 7.3.0

brew unlink iojs Error: No such keg: /usr/local/Cellar/iojs

nvm install node && nvm alias default node doesn't change anything.

navigated to /usr/local/bin and uninstalled iojs iojs -v -bash: iojs: command not found

brew update: no changes to formulae

brew doctor: nothing besides usual warnings

brew prune: nothing

brew cask uninstall iojs Error: iojs is not installed

Help is appreciated here. I am at a loss to understand how I can be running io.js v1.6.2 when I'm pretty certain iojs is not installed on my machine. But perhaps I am missing something...cheers.


Finally got it. Uninstalled all versions of node / deleted any node or node_modules folders from /usr/local/lib/.

Also nvm uninstall iojs --force.

Downloaded node from https://nodejs.org/en/download/​. After all that, it worked. I'll leave this here for anyone else who encounters this problem!

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