I have this script in a batch file that uploads a local file to our FTP server. I need to rename myfile.csv to suffix the date and time in this format YYYYMMDDHHMM e.g. myfile_201701041333.csv. How can this be done?

@Echo Off
Set _FTPServerName=myserver
Set _UserName=myusername
Set _Password=mypassword
Set _LocalFolder=\\data\myfolder
Set _RemoteFolder=e-download
Set _Filename=myfile.csv
Set _ScriptFile=ftp1
:: Create script
 >"%_ScriptFile%" Echo open %_FTPServerName%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo %_UserName%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo %_Password%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo lcd %_LocalFolder%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo cd %_RemoteFolder%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo binary
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo put %_Filename%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo quit
:: Run script
ftp -s:"%_ScriptFile%"
Del "%_ScriptFile%"
  • ...just a side note: you could put all echo command inside of a parenthesised block ( ) and redirect the entire block once by > "%_ScriptFile%"... – aschipfl Jan 4 '17 at 14:10
  • Thanks everyone, sorted and working. stackoverflow.com/questions/864718/… for required date code. – Emma Jan 4 '17 at 14:11

The put command accepts an optional second argument to specify a target name:

put localfile remotefile

In your batch file that would be:

>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo put %_Filename% %_Remotename%

To set the %_Remotename% to the timestamped name, see
Format date and time in a Windows batch script – Prefer the wmic or PowerShell-based solutions, as the %date%-based solutions are not locale independent.

Your task would be a way more easier with some more advanced FTP client.

For example with WinSCP FTP client it's as easy as:

@Echo Off
Set _FTPServerName=myserver
Set _UserName=myusername
Set _Password=mypassword
Set _LocalFolder=\\data\myfolder
Set _RemoteFolder=e-download
Set _Filename=myfile.csv

winscp.com /ini=nul /command ^
    "open ftp://%_UserName%:%_Password%@%_FTPServerName%/" ^
    "put ""%_LocalFolder%\%_Filename%"" ""%_RemoteFolder%/myfile_%%TIMESTAMP#yyyymmddhhnn%%.csv""" ^


(I'm the author of WinSCP)


Using the command wmic os get localdatetime /value you can get an ouput that almost directly suits your desire. Now with some extra code you can trim it to your perfect fit:

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
for /f "delims=.= tokens=2" %%n in ('wmic os get localdatetime /value') do (
set var=%%n
set var=!var:~0,-2!
echo %var%

For every output in the command above take the text between = and .. Save that text to the variable var, trim the last 2 characters to remove the seconds.

Now you can do something like:

ren myfile.csv myfile_%var%.csv

to rename it.

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