I have an InvokeMethod Activity in Windows Workflow Foundation. This workflow is quite simple:

  1. ask to user for his/her height
  2. if height is greater than 5.9, then ask his/her profile details
  3. display profile details

To achieve this, I have created a workflow, seen below: enter image description here

How can I assign an object which is return from InvokeMethod as variable?

I have posted my code on GitHub.


Here is the solution within Visual Studio properties:

First add a variable to your workflow:

Printscreen workflow's variables

Drop an InvokeMethod Activity into your workflow workspace and edit properties:

PrintScreen (Properties of InvokeMethod)

  1. MethodName: Enter your MethodName
  2. Parameters: Set parameters (Direction: In, Type: typeNeeded, Value yourValue)
  3. Result: Enter the variable name from your workflow defined earlier
  4. TargetType: Set the type of your method return's type

Here is the solution in XAMLX


<p1:InvokeMethod sap2010:WorkflowViewState.IdRef="InvokeMethod_1" MethodName="YourMethodName" TargetType="x:Object">
        <p1:OutArgument x:TypeArguments="x:Object">
            <mca:CSharpReference x:TypeArguments="x:Object">workflowVariableName</mca:CSharpReference>
    <p1:InArgument x:TypeArguments="x:Int32">
        <mca:CSharpValue x:TypeArguments="x:Int32">variableNamePassedToMyMethod;</mca:CSharpValue>

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