Constant issue with being able to connect an Android device via USB to Android Studio running on a Mac.

Tried numerous things like:

  • Switching USB debugging mode on Android to MTP or PTP
  • Restarting the Android devices and Android Studio and/or Mac
  • trying adb kill-serverand then adb devices, which usually resulted in:

    List of devices attached

    daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037

    adb E 655 23135 usb_osx.cpp:327] Could not open interface: e00002c5

    adb E 655 23135 usb_osx.cpp:289] Could not find device interface

    daemon started successfully

    But not actually finding the connected device.

  • check if tools->android->enable adb integration is checked. If not check it – Abhisek Lamsal Jan 4 '17 at 16:14
  • @AbhisekLamsal Thanks, but I found the answer (posted below). It was working fine until I started using Tizen Studio/Eclipse. – ndhaijaan Jan 4 '17 at 16:20

I just wanted to write it down in case someone else comes across this issue.
It took me more than a couple of days to solve this while I was banging my head trying to understand what seems to be the problem.

Note: For me it was a cable issue.

I have Nexus6P with 2 original cables:

  1. Type-C to Type-C
  2. Short Type-C to regular USB

The problem was I was trying to hook the cable 1 directly from the Nexus to the Mac Pro (which didn't work since I think the Mac has a thunderbolt protocol on the Type-C inputs)

Then I tried a Type-C to regular USB cable with an adapter from to make it Type-C to Type-C (bear in mind this wasn't the original cable I got with my phone)

Only when I used the original short cable (cable 2) with an adapter it worked.
Although the non-original cable I used was a high-end cable - it still didn't work

Hope it helps other people who struggle with this

  • Interesting observation. Sometimes the cables are meant for charging only and not for data transfer. – ndhaijaan Mar 5 at 14:54
  • Funny thing is that the cable stated it's for data and charging :( – Loves2Develop Mar 5 at 15:47
  • 1
    @Loves2Develop same issue for me, same state but android studio do not see the device because of cable. – elia Jul 29 at 7:48

There are some great responses that worked for others, like this one or this one which seemed to work for others.

In my case, the issue was Tizen Studio (I was working on a watch app for Samsung Gear). Through this poster's research, found that the adb error could not open interface: e00002c5 implies that the usb device is already in use by some other driver.

So it seems Tizen Studio takes up the usb driver resource even though it is not using it. Quitting the application will automatically allow adb devices to list your device and run the project on it.

Hope this helps other lost souls.

  • how to stop tizen studio, i dont see tizen was running – Muklas Jul 22 '17 at 7:42
  • For me, it was chrome inspect I used for network intercepting using stetho interceptor. I closed that window and studio automatically detected the device. – Rohit P Soman Aug 22 at 12:13

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