I have a web application which uses both MVC and WebAPI2. I would like for requests to always be matched up with WebAPI2 attribute routes before matching manually configured MVC routes. I have tried calling configuration.MapHttpAttributeRoutes() before I call RouteConfig.RegisterRoutes(RouteTable.Routes) but this does not seem to work.

Is there any way to ensure the WebAPI2 routes will always have precedence?

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    The convention for Web API routes is to prefix the route with "api" and even a version "v1". This will segregate them from the MVC routes, so why do you care about the order unless you're sharing a convention between MVC and Web API? – Big Daddy Jan 4 '17 at 19:19

Give this a go. Use VS to create a new controller. Be sure its called someController, where some is the name of your controller, it must end in "Controller". Be sure your class inherits ApiController...

public class someController : ApiController
        [Route("api/test/{name}"), HttpGet]
        public string Router(string name)
            return "Your name is: " + name;

Also add this in your global.asax file.

  protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
       GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Formatters.XmlFormatter.SupportedMediaTypes.Clear();  //This will remove XML serialization and return everything in JSON.


In above, the api route is waiting for HttpGet, You can use HttpPost too, and use FormDataCollection to get posted form data. Note how you can parameterize your APIs with {someparameter}

The above is quite simple, and the API controller can serialize most objects that implement serialization. If not can use NewtonSoft or something.

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