I would like to scan the folder, but ignore all the folders/directories that are included in it. All I have in the (C:/folder/) are .txt files and other folders, I just want to scan the txt files, and ignore the folders.

app.get('/generatE', function (req, res) {
  const logsFolder = 'C:/folder/';
  fs.readdir(logsFolder, (err, files) => {
    if (err) {
     var lines = [];
     files.forEach(function(filename) {
       var logFileLines = fs.readFileSync (logsFolder + filename, 'ascii').toString().split("\n");

       logFileLines.forEach(function(logFileLine) {

         if(logFileLine.match(/.*AUDIT*./)) {

Proper way to get all directory files (that is ignore subdirectories) with Node 10.10+

const fs = require('fs');
const dirents = fs.readdirSync(<DIRECTORY_PATH>, { withFileTypes: true });
const filesNames = dirents
    .filter(dirent => !dirent.isDirectory())
    .map(dirent => dirent.name);
// use filesNames

We use fs.readdirSync method and also dirent.isDirectory method


Please See diraria's answer as it is more complete: my answer only works if ALL filenames contain a '.txt' extension.

why not just filter out files that end in ".txt"?

var fs = require("fs")
fs.readdirSync("./").filter(function(file) {

I should have added previously that to get an array of these files you need to return them to an array as shown below.

var fs = require("fs")
let text_file_array = fs.readdirSync("./").filter(function(file) {
    if(file.indexOf(".txt")>-1) return file;
  • 2
    or .filter(f => f.includes(".txt")) with ES6 – Jeremy Thille Jan 5 '18 at 12:05
  • minus one because not working in generic case (when file extenstion is unknown) – diraria Sep 8 '18 at 9:40
  • also another minus one because it will not work for files without extension like DockerFile – serdar.sanri Jan 4 at 4:37
  • I have amended my answer with a warning of the possible side-effects. – WouldBeNerd Jan 6 at 8:45

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