I installed and ran the native app following these instructions:

How to I now shutdown/kill/stop CouchDB?


I found this


In terminal , run

launchctl list | grep couchdb

then on the retnurned value like

99093 0 org.apache.couchdb.288008


launchctl stop "org.apache.couchdb.288008"

Has to be a higher level GUI for that in Futon though surely !!

  • You saved my life. Thanks. – modernator Feb 22 '17 at 13:08

It does not work. ps aux | grep couchdb shows that couchdb is still running :(

$ launchctl list | grep couchdb

-   0   org.apache.couchdb.79668

$ launchctl stop "org.apache.couchdb.79668"

The CouchDB App on Mac OS X seems to use a watcher that restarts the database if the process stops. So first run this command to list all running processes started by the Couch App:

ps -ef | grep -i couch

Here's the output I get:

  501  4330     1   0 Tue12pm ??         0:06.17 /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/MacOS/Apache CouchDB -psn_0_659617
  501 23991  4330   0  6:31pm ??         0:01.82 /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/bin/../erts-8.3/bin/beam.smp -K true -A 16 -Bd -- -root /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/bin/.. -progname couchdb -- -home /Users/eric -- -boot /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/bin/../releases/2.1.1/couchdb -name couchdb@localhost -setcookie monster -kernel error_logger silent -sasl sasl_error_logger false -noshell -noinput -config /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/bin/../releases/2.1.1/sys.config -couch_ini /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/etc/default.ini /Users/eric/Library/Preferences/couchdb2-local.ini
  501 23999     1   0  6:31pm ??         0:00.00 /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/bin/../erts-8.3/bin/epmd -daemon
  501 24003 24000   0  6:31pm ??         0:00.01 /Applications/Development/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/bin/../lib/os_mon-2.4.2/priv/bin/cpu_sup
  501 24015 18419   0  6:32pm ttys000    0:00.01 grep Couch

The first one seems to be a watcher, and if it notices that other commands have been stopped it will restart Couch.

So kill the first one first Apache CouchDB (in my case PID 4330), then the second one (in my case PID 23991), and Couch should no longer be running. Confirm by rerunning the ps command:

ps -ef | grep -i couch

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