I would like to add support to async/await to node repl

Following this issue: https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/8382

I've tried to use this one https://github.com/paulserraino/babel-repl but it is missing async await suppport

I would like to use this snippet

const awaitMatcher = /^(?:\s*(?:(?:let|var|const)\s)?\s*([^=]+)=\s*|^\s*)(await\s[\s\S]*)/;
const asyncWrapper = (code, binder) => {
  let assign = binder ? `root.${binder} = ` : '';
  return `(function(){ async function _wrap() { return ${assign}${code} } return _wrap();})()`;

// match & transform
const match = input.match(awaitMatcher);
if(match) {
  input = `${asyncWrapper(match[2], match[1])}`;

How can I add this snippet to a custom eval on node repl?

Example in node repl:

> const user = await User.findOne();

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As of node ^10, you can use the following flag when starting the repl:

node --experimental-repl-await
$ await myPromise()
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    Working great in node 10 and 12, and can be set in bashrc/zshrc with export NODE_OPTIONS="--experimental-repl-await" (so you always have it while debugging). Jun 10, 2020 at 12:32
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    Starting with node v16.6.0 (Jul 29, 2021. changelog & commit a082a705b), async-await in repl is enabled by default. You can opt out by passing --no-experimental-repl-await .
    – li ki
    Feb 5, 2022 at 17:02

There is the project https://github.com/ef4/async-repl:

$ async-repl
async> 1 + 2
async> 1 + await new Promise(r => setTimeout(() => r(2), 1000))
async> let x = 1 + await new Promise(r => setTimeout(() => r(2), 1000))
async> x

Another option, slightly onerous to start but with a great UI, is to use the Chrome Devtools:

$ node --inspect -r esm
Debugger listening on ws://
For help see https://nodejs.org/en/docs/inspector
> Debugger attached.

(I am using the esm package here to allow Node to parse import statements.)

Then you go to chrome://inspect in Chrome and you will be able to connect to the node instance. Chrome Devtools has top-level await, great tab-completion etc.

  • it's possible to see a demo?.
    – Yoarthur
    Dec 7, 2018 at 2:05

The idea is to preprocess the command and wrap it in a async function if there is an await syntax outside async function

this https://gist.github.com/princejwesley/a66d514d86ea174270210561c44b71ba is the final solution

  • Should we expect a promise or the result? The REPL does not hang until it gets the result you need to pause and resume it somehow, but afaik. that is not supported, at least repl.pause() exited by me. Another issue here: github.com/nodejs/node/issues/13209
    – inf3rno
    Sep 14, 2017 at 4:31

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