I want to find this:

various text and code

...and replace it with completely different text. Atom doesn't seem to have a multi-line RegEx flag. How can I accomplish this?


The regular expression (.|\r?\n)*? is what you're looking for.

Used in the example above, <p>(.|\r?\n)*?</p> will select all three lines and you can then either replace or delete those lines.

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    For me this only finds instances where the opening and closing para tags are on a single line :( (I'm on v 1.16.0 ia32) – jinglesthula Apr 19 '17 at 14:57
  • @jinglesthula, can you try it again and report back? – Eptin Mar 27 at 19:07
  • is where a way without regular expression? – Wlad yesterday

Try the regex [\s\S]*?, with your example <p>[\s\S]*?</p>

see also https://github.com/atom/find-and-replace/issues/303

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