Why do you always import seaborn as sns and not with the letters of the name as sbn?

Is sns an acronym for something?

Or is it some kind of joke?

As cel commented, someone put this as an issue in github.
There, they do not answer the question but say that it is a joke related to the original name of the library.


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Samuel Norman "Sam" Seaborn is a fictional character portrayed by Rob Lowe on the television serial drama The West Wing.

So, it's a joked initialism.

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    there is literally no evidence for this.
    – fdzsfhaS
    Commented Jan 12 at 17:28

From the FAQ section of the seaborn documentation:

Why is seaborn imported as sns?

This is an obscure reference to the namesake of the library, but you can also think of it as "seaborn name space".

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