I have a JavaScript function like this in my ASP.NET MVC 3 application.

function Foo()
   var url = "@Url.Action("MyAction", "MyController")";

I'm confused as to why the above code works. I was expecting to have to escape @Url.Action(...) inside <%= tags?


This is a feature of the Razor view engine - it handles the switch between HTML/Javascript and your server-side view code so you don't need to escape it in most cases.

See Scott Guthrie's blog post on it: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/07/02/introducing-razor.aspx

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    Ah, that's the link I was looking for. Google fail – Phil Nov 11 '10 at 0:15

Looks like you're using the new Razor view engine.

Edit: I'm assuming the JavaScript function is written inside a view file (cshtml)


Yes ,It works in razor view pages,but the intellisense don't work inside the "" or '' as webform view engine.

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