I'm securing Spring Web Flow states with Spring security. In the secured tag I'm calling a method of a Spring bean and trying to pass a Flow scope parameter to it. Everything works fine except the passing of the Flow scope parameter - null is passed.

This is the snippet from the Web Flow xml:

<action-state id="securedAction">
    <secured attributes="@myAction.accessGranted(#flowScope.parameter)" />

How to pass the Flow scope parameter?

  • have you tied flowScope.parameter without the #? – mlg Jan 9 '17 at 13:01
  • Yes, I have also tried this. – olivmir Jan 9 '17 at 13:46

I have found an answer to my own question - instead of trying to pass the flow scoped parameter from the flow via the Java method parameters, it can be fetched via org.springframework.webflow.execution.RequestContextHolder in the called method:


If you want to set a flow scoped parameter use

RequestContextHolder.getRequestContext().getFlowScope().put("parameter", myParameterObject);

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