I need to parse string that looks like in example below:

Regex TitleRegex = new Regex(@"[A-Z].* - ([0-9].*) [A-Z]");
var match = TitleRegex.Match("Chapter - 1 The Brown Fox");

What I want is to extract a number. The problem is that output is 1 The Brown instead of simply 1.
I do not understand why letters are also included to the numeric ([0-9]) pattern.

Any suggestions?

Regex TitleRegex = new Regex(@"[A-Z].* - ([0-9]{1,2}) [A-Z]");

You are capturing the . which generally is match all except new lines. I put the {1,2} quantifier there, meaning it will match 0-99. Change that to suit your requirements (or you could just leave it as 0 or more *).

Could you also use \d instead of [0-9]. Shorthand is generally a good thing :)

  • Thank you! It was a stupid copy-paste mistake. I've broken my head working around this %) – levanovd Nov 11 '10 at 13:08

The letters are included because you asked for them when you added .* to the capture group. Try just ([0-9]+) or better (\d+)


The answer is that you appear to be misusing the quantifiers;


That partial pattern matches any single digit (0-9) once, and then also any character at all (.) 0 or more times (*)

Remove the dots before the asterisks.


Change to:

"[A-Z].* - ([0-9]?) [A-Z]"

When you use [0-9].* it searches for one number plus 0 or many symbols, using [0-9]+ gives you one or more integers on that specific place. If you are sure there wont be more than lets say 3 integers so you can use [0-9]{1,3} or as much as you want 4,5,etc.

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