Is it possible to use TLS + SNI with java 6?

TLS works nicely with java 6, but SNI doesn't seem to be supported.

With java 7 and higher it works fine. But i'm stuck on java 6.

Java 6 advanced has SNI support but it does cost over 10k, which i currently do not have...

I also took a look at bouncy castle which has a one reference to SNI rfc 6066 in URLAndHash. But a simple test with TlsClientProtocol and DefaultTlsClient doesn't seem to result in SNI working. The docs are very sparse to non existing though on the subject.

Are there more things i can try?


You can update to a later version of Java.

The latest publicly-available version of Java 6 is Java SE 6 Update 45, which was made available on April 16, 2013.

There are probably well over 300 listed unfixed vulnerabilities in that latest publicly-available version of Java 6.

Assuming this is for a commercial product, are you customers aware of that?

  • I'm already using the latest java 6, u45 is the last public one u131 is the one with SNI. Updating to 7 or 8 is no option. Customers are to blame... – Tinus Tate Jan 9 '17 at 14:44

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