To feed my generative neural net, I need to normalize some data between -1 and 1.

I do it with MinMaxScaler from Sklearn and it works great. Now, my generator is going to output data between -1 and 1.

How to revert MinMaxScaler to get real data ?


You do that with inverse transform.


Let us start by defining a pandas dataframe:

cols = ['A', 'B']
data = pd.DataFrame(np.array([[2,3],[1.02,1.2],[0.5,0.3]]),columns=cols)

enter image description here

The we scale the data using the MinMaxScaler

scaler = preprocessing.MinMaxScaler(feature_range = (0,1))
scaled_data = scaler.fit_transform(data[cols])

enter image description here

Now, to invert the transformation you should call the inverse transform:


enter image description here

  • But with this approach you lose your column names. – Nikolay Frick Nov 11 '17 at 20:44
  • 1
    How can I transform back for example only column B? – Henryk Borzymowski May 12 at 13:33

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