I already used this code to upload images and it worked, but now I have tried changing it to upload docx and pdf, but it is always giving error only docx and pdf files, it can not check the extension of docx and pdf like jpg, png, etc...? Sorry my English.


if($UploadedFileName!='') {
  $upload_directory = "../../../documentos/formularios/"; 
  $imageFileType = pathinfo($TargetPath,PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
  $ficheirogrande='<div class="alert alert-danger">O Ficheiro ultrapassa <strong>2 Megas</strong></div>';   
  $preenchimentoobrigadorio='<div class="alert alert-danger">Campo <strong>nome</strong> de preenchimento obrigatório</div>';   
  $apenasficheiros='<div class="alert alert-danger">Apenas Ficheiros <strong>PDF e DOCX</strong> podem ser inseridos</div>';

  if(empty($_POST['nome']) || false === filter_var($_POST['nome'])){
    echo $preenchimentoobrigadorio; 
  } else {
    if ($_FILES["UploadImage"]["size"] > 2200000){ //2.09808
      echo $ficheirogrande;
    } else {
      if($imageFileType != "application/msword" && $imageFileType != "docx" && $imageFileType != "pdf" ){
        echo $apenasficheiros;
      } else {
        if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['UploadImage']['tmp_name'], $upload_directory.$TargetPath)){
          $queryinserir="INSERT INTO DOCUMENTOS(LINK_DOCUMENTOS,NOME,FORMULARIOS) VALUES ('$caminho','$nome','1')";


          $enviado='<div class="alert alert-success">Documento Inserido com <strong>Sucesso</strong></div>';
          echo $enviado;    
        } else {    
          $naoenviado='<div class="alert alert-danger">Documento <strong>Nao Inserido</strong></div>';
          echo $naoenviado;
  • What is $_FILES['UploadImage']['name']['nome']?! Don't you get error at this line?! And PATHINFO_EXTENSION will only return file extention, So you will probably never have application/msword as a file extension. Also at this line if($imageFileType != "application/msword" && $imageFileType != "docx" && $imageFileType != "pdf" ){ You should use || instead of && otherwise it will always return false and that's the reason you are always getting the error... – EhsanT Jan 10 '17 at 1:21

You didn't save the new file at $targetPath, so the file does not exist and you can not get the extension

Also, using the extension is not a safe method. You should use the MIME type.

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