I took an ML course in college that covered basically the same stuff as Andrew Ng's Coursera course (but also included a little more math and proofs than Ng's course). I just took Ng's course as a refresher and now I don't know where to go.

I would like to learn to do cool stuff like make a model which learns to play a video game by itself. I find genetic algorithms really interesting but have zero clue how they work. For instance this video i keep coming back to these videos and wondering how it works.

Genetic Algorithm Learns to fight

MarI/O neural network playing videogame

The other thing that interests me is computer vision and natural language stuff. The Recurrent Neural Network that learns to make new magic cards by itself is really amazing to me.

But both the video game genetic algorithms and recurrent neural networks sound way to complicated. In addition i don't have an ultra-powerful computer to train a model on and i also don't know where to get the data to train.

Basically i am wondering how to learn these more advanced topics and how people come up with them.


The links you posted are about genetic algorithms. About them, and how the MarI/O game works) you can read the book Ai Techniques For Game Programming, in which the algorithm NEAT is used to construct AI games. It also have a implementation in a self driving car on my github.

There are also two more important links you should read. About the use of neural network to learn Atari Games here, and its use in gridworld here. This algorithm is the state-of-the-art nowadays.

If you are interested on agents learning, as your description, you also must read the Sutton here. Reinforcement Learning is what you are looking for.

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