We have our bucket with new Aws SDK API on AWS S3. We uploaded and tagged lots of files and folders with tags.

How can we filter on key-value tag, or only one of them? I'd like to find all the objects with key = "temp", or key = "temp" and value = "lol".


  • I think that it is not possible '( I did it in a PS1 script retrieving all objects with Get-S3Object, then for each one Get-S3ObjectTagSet and filter result if ( ($tags | Where-Object {$_.Key -eq 'toDelete'}).Value -eq 'y' ). I'm trying it with PS 4.0, I don't know if in modern versions result of Get-S3Object could be pipelined – corretge Nov 28 '17 at 16:38

I also hoped that AWS will eventually support "search files by tags" because that would open up possibilities like e.g. having a photo storage with the names, descriptions, location stored in tags so I wouldn't need a separate database.

But, apparently AWS explicitly is not supporting this, and will probably never do so. Quoting from their storage service white paper:

Amazon S3 doesn’t suit all storage situations. [...] some storage needs for which you should consider other AWS storage options [...]

Amazon S3 doesn’t offer query capabilities to retrieve specific objects. When you use Amazon S3 you need to know the exact bucket name and key for the files you want to retrieve from the service. Amazon S3 can’t be used as a database or search engine by itself.

Instead, you can pair Amazon S3 with Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudSearch, or Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to index and query metadata about Amazon S3 buckets and objects.

AWS suggests using DynamoDB, RDS or CloudSearch instead.


There seems to be one way to achieve what you're looking for, although it's not ideal, or particularly user-friendly.

The AWS S3 tagging documentation says that you can grant accounts permissions for objects with a given tag. If you created a new account with the right permissions then you could probably get the filtered list.

Not particularly useful on an ongoing basis, though.


AFAIK - Resource Groups don't support tags on an S3 Object level only on a bucket level.

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    If you could add a source to this, it would greatly improve this answer! As it stands right now it looks more like an assumption which should go into a comment instead of a definitive answer. – geisterfurz007 Mar 14 at 7:57
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You should be able to query tags and values that you added using resource-groups/query resource:


AWS now supports tagging of S3 images, seen in their own example: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/user-guide/add-object-tags.html

They have APIs to add/remove tags.

Amazon S3 Select, Amazon Athena can be used to search for S3 resources with TAGS.

Currently the max number of tags per resource is 50, which should be enough.

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