I have two JTabbedPanes, JTabbedPane1 & 2 How can I press button in JTabbedPane2 to show JTabbedPane1 ?

Here is the code for JTabbedPane:

public class TabbedPane extends JFrame {

    public TabbedPane() {

        setTitle("Tabbed Pane");  

        JTabbedPane jtp = new JTabbedPane();


       JPanel1 jp1 = new JPanel1();//This will create the first tab

       JPanel jp2 = new JPanel2();//This will create the second tab

       //add panel .........

    //example usage
     public static void main (String []args){
        TabbedPane tab = new TabbedPane();


here is class JPane1:

...    JLabel label1 = new JLabel();
       label1.setText("This is Tab 1");

and class Jpane2 with button on int

JButton test = new JButton("Press"); jp2.add(test);

ButtonHandler phandler = new ButtonHandler();

} so problem is here in ActionListener of button on Jpanel2

class ButtonHandler implements ActionListener{
       public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
              // what i do now ? to call  jpanel 1 show ![alt text][1]

alt text


If you make the tabbed pane accessible to ButtonHandler you can do this:

class ButtonHandler implements ActionListener{
       public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){

You can do this by making jtp (ideally with a better name) a private attribute with a getter method or it can be passed in as a constructor argument to ButtonHandler.

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You should use the method JTabbedPane.setSelectedIndex(int index) with the index of the tab you want.


its very simple: use the code below:


what ever the name is of you J Panel replace it with the above JTabbedpane and for example you want to select the first tabs simply put 0 in bracket and if you want to select second tab then put 1 in bracket eg: my J tabbed pane is called jtabbedpanel and I want the first tab then the line will look as:


hope this helps!!


Just like to add that your action listener has to be in the same class as your tabs.


Just! With:

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