I've spent the last few days, trying various tutorials trying to accomplish the objective in the title. For the life of me, I keep hitting a brick wall. All of the searches return results for excel addins, or outlook.com addins.

Can someone recommend a tutorial (website, video, (step-by-step preferred) that outlines the process from start to finish?

I used to use macros, but the dread GPO disabled it so a addin looks like the next best option.

All I want to do is have a button appear on my ribbon, so I can select an e-mail, click the button and let the magic happen. If you have sample code that can at least get the custom button to display on the ribbon, I'm pretty sure I can figure out the rest.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for reading. (if you made it this far.)

  • Dumb question, but why don't you go into outlook options and click the customize ribbon button?
    – zhqiat
    Jan 10 '17 at 19:25
  • @zhqiat, When I build & debug my project I can see it. (Listed under addins that I can add/remove) I enable it (check mark), but nothing shows up. I assume the code works, b/c the build did not fail and it's the same code I was using on 2010. Can't really test it, b/c I can't get the button to appear to trigger the execution.
    – acstack
    Jan 10 '17 at 19:54
  • Looks like you need to get the button added. Take a look at the answer below
    – zhqiat
    Jan 10 '17 at 20:24

From this link

In Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013, things have been made a lot easier as it allows you to manually customize the Ribbon as well.

  1. Open the item window where you’d like to add the macro button to.

  2. Select the tab where you’d like to add the macro button to.

  3. Click the File button next to the Home tab and choose Options. Here, select the section “Customize Ribbon”.
    Right click any tab and choose “Customize the Ribbon”. You’ll find the current tab already highlighted and selected.

  4. Create a New Group or even a New Tab to place your custom button in. You cannot add your button to an existing group. You can use the Rename… button to give your group and/or tab a nice name.

  5. From the dropdown list “Choose commands from:” select: Macros. The list below will now show you all your macros.
  6. Select the macro that you wish to create a button for and press the Add >> button.
  7. To modify the name and icon press the Modify… button.
  8. Close the Editor Options dialog to return to your item window and use your button.

VBA macros can't be used for customizing the ribbon in Outlook. You need to develop a COM add-in for that. For example, it can be a VSTO based add-in. See Walkthrough: Creating Your First VSTO Add-In for Outlook.

VSTO provides two main ways for customizing the Ribbon UI (aka Fluent UI):

As you can see VSTO provides a designer for creating a custom UI quicker. You can read more about the Fluent UI in the following series of articles:

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