I am getting a very strange problem with sequelize, When I try to call the function findAll it works fine (same for create and destroy), but when I try to call function "findById", it throws "findById is not a function" (same for "FindOne").

//works fine
var gammes = models.gamme.findAll().then(function(gammes) {
            layout: 'admin/layouts/structure' ,
            gammes : gammes,
            js: "gammes"

// throws models.gamme.findById is not a function
models.gamme.findById(req.params.id).then(function(gamme) {
            nom: req.body.nom
        }).then(function () {

Gamme.js model

module.exports = function (sequelize, DataTypes) {
    "use strict";
    var gamme = sequelize.define('gamme', {
        id_gamme: {
            type: DataTypes.INTEGER.UNSIGNED,
            autoIncrement: true,
            primaryKey: true
        nom: {
            type: DataTypes.STRING,
            allowNull: false
    }, {
        classMethods: {},
        timestamps: false
    return gamme;

With Sequelize v5, findById() was replaced by findByPk(). Replace findById using findByPk and everything should work fine.

  • what leads you to believe that the OP is using v5? do you see the comment about the installed version being v1.7? – landru27 Nov 11 '18 at 20:33
  • Well I just upgraded from Sequelize 4.33.2 to 5.8.6 and this fixed my issue. – ow3n May 25 '19 at 15:07

the team of sequelize was deleting this function and replced it by a new function is


like this

// search for known ids
Project.findByPk(123).then(project => {
  // project will be an instance of Project and stores the content of the table entry
  // with id 123. if such an entry is not defined you will get null

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